Essential Resources and Tips to Help Tenants Navigate COVID-19 Issues

Essential Resources and Tips to Help Tenants Navigate COVID-19 Issues

Alex Robbins with has volunteered to provide our renters with some additional COVID-19 Resources. Check out his information below for some helpful tips and tricks.

Sick of being stuck inside your home? With most of the world on lockdown, you’re definitely not alone in those feelings. Still, staying inside and practicing social distancing is essential for preventing the spread of COVID-19. So, if you are a tenant who is doing your part to help flatten the curve, why not use this time to improve your health, well-being, and address any concerns you may have about the current crisis? 

Wondering how to start? These resources, tips, and websites will help out. 

Keeping Yourself Healthy 

Not being able to get to the gym can make staying in shape harder, but so can having to limit your trips to the grocery store. Here are some ways you can cope with and manage your health. 

Best Home Workouts for Women 

Top Home Workouts for Men 

Setting Up a Home Gym

How to Eat Healthy in Self-Isolation 

Keeping Your Finances Stable

With so many folks losing their jobs or losing hours, it’s crucial for you to prepare your finances for what may be ahead. Here are some resources that can help renters do so.

COVID-19 Rent Protections by State 

How to File for COVID-19 Unemployment 

Financial Planning During Coronavirus Outbreak 

When Will You Receive Your Stimulus Check? 

Keep Yourself Protected 

From disinfecting your home to covering your face in public, there’s a lot to unpack when it comes to protecting yourself from COVID-19, but these resources can simplify things.

CDC Home Cleaning Guidelines 

Facts About Wearing Masks in Public 

COVID-19 Infection Prevention in Public 

DIY Hand Sanitizer Instructions 

Keep Yourself Entertained 

Protecting your health and your finances while in lockdown is important, but it’s also important to spend some time protecting your mental health. These lockdown activities can help. 

COVID-19 Self-Care Ideas 

Entertaining Activities for Kids 

Date Night Ideas for Home 

TV and Movies for Social-Distancing 

Knowing how to handle things like rent and public safety is key to keeping yourself mentally and physically well during the quarantine. Of course, it can also be helpful to have some ideas for having fun and relieving stress. So be sure to keep this self-isolation guide handy at home.

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